Instagram brings together the most diverse brands and companies on its platform. If you want to emulate these role models, we will give you 8 tips along the way.

Get your username in time

Like on Twitter, every username can only be assigned once on Instagram. Since it is well-known that the subsequent publication of an account to a brand owner is difficult, it is best to set up a user account as quickly as possible.

Basically, there is also the case that you have to pay attention to the brand rights of another in the selection. Your username does not necessarily have to be the company name. Kraft USA, for example, uses “Lovemyphilly” to promote one of its brands.

Do not forget the imprint

A business page requires an imprint. This also applies to Instagram. A regular input field for this is currently not provided. Therefore, enter the most important information in the description of the profile.

Since you can save an external link, outsourcing to an external site is also an option. The link should then be selected but “best”.

Invite you to join in with hashtags

Only with Hashtags Instagram unfolds its power for marketing. Hashtags allow other users to interact with you and your photos.

The most successful hashtags have always called for action and participation in the past. Take advantage of this: “#PostYourXXX” or “#ShowYourXXX” are real invitations to be creative.

Interact with others – including companies

An important goal at the beginning is to build up reach and relevance. Other users need to be aware of it before success can happen.

And here, as a company, it’s best to use the same tools as private users. Say “Like” to other companies (or their brands) if their products are featured on one of your photos. Or mention the product in a hashtag.

Experiment with the design options

The Instagram app contains a small image editor. Experiment a bit with their filters and effects. These give the pictures a very unique aesthetic that captivates the viewer. Have the courage to be creative. Chupachups – the maker of sweet lollipops – had designed a mosaic of individual receptacles about this year. The overall picture was only recognizable on the profile page.

Tell a story, or let others tell

Can gel pens and pens really be exciting? Pilotpen from the USA manages to flash the story behind the tool with his photos.

Instead of just posting product photos, pictures of drawings and notes that others created with the products of the house are posted. Every product has such an aesthetic side. Discover them and be inspired.

Let users look behind the scenes

One of the original ideas for corporate blogs was to give readers a peek behind the facades of the company. And this approach still works. Occasionally post pictures that show what it looks like behind your showroom.

Allow an insight into the processes at a trade fair. Or post photos that show how people work in other departments of the house.

Give your community an information advantage

If you want to quickly build a solid base of followers, give users an information advantage. If there’s a special sale or action, post it a little earlier on Instagram. Of course in the form of a photo, this can then be easily shared

Work with other users

By working with other Instagram users in your thematic area, you can increase your and the followers of the other participating accounts.

For example, collaborate on a specific event (concerts, sporting events, cultural events) and mark each other’s profiles in your pictures.

Make offline advertising for your Instagram profile

To get more Instagram followers, you should also advertise your profile offline. This way, you can draw attention to your account on business cards or advertisements.

Join special Instagram Meetups

Often, there are special Meetups where you can meet other users, interact with them, and get more tips for more Followers on Instagram.

Create Instagram Stories

The Instagram stories allow you to create small video sequences that are displayed above the actual image stream.

Use live videos

The Live Video feature lets your followers share real-time events or everyday life in real-time.

Create your own hashtags

Especially with Instagram accounts with products, it pays to create your own hashtag and use it in every post. Your followers will also use the hashtag when they use products from you and upload a photo of them.

According to Essay Writers UK a good example are sports brands like Adidas and Nike, or the Instagram profile of Miss Sophies.

Stay with your topic

When choosing a photo, you should keep an eye on the thematic focus of your profile. So it makes little sense to post on a profile about sports that otherwise deal with cars.

Vary your photos

To give variety to your followers, it is not wrong to deviate from normal posts. For example, post a humorous picture, a quote, a video, or a gif file. But always orient yourself to the topic of your Instagram profile.

Post qualitative photos

Make sure that the photos are not pixelated or that part of the picture is unattractive, so that part of the picture is missing.

Post regularly

Prepare a plan, when to post what kind of photos. So you do not get stressful situations if you have not posted or prepared a photo yet.

Use filters

Instagram gives you a lot of editing options for your photos. Pay attention to a healthy average of filters that should be adapted to the theme of your Instagram profile. The more serious your profile is the less noticeable filters you should use.

Position questions

By asking questions in the picture itself or in the caption, you can improve the interaction rate among your pictures and get a much higher range.

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Instagram brings together the most diverse brands and companies on its platform. If you want to emulate these role models, we will give you 8 tips along the way. Get your username in time Like on Twitter, every username can only be assigned once on Instagram. Since it is well-known that...