Customers are becoming harder to please each day. Higher numbers of businesses are encouraging their customers to interact with their brands directly. It builds trust and fosters loyalty among the customers. It usually involves immersive experience with digital signs and touchscreens at the points of sales. No matter how big or technologically advanced your LED screen is your branding effort will only be as good as your strategy and content.

How to create an immersive experience with digital menu boards?

Let us see an example to understand this better. Say you are looking forward to opening your own restaurant. You will surely want an immersive branding experience that enthralls all your customers. You have HD displays in different from nearby locations to play your custom content. If you have different content on each screen, the result will be less than satisfactory. The various display will increase fragmentation and it will create a distracting experience.

To create a genuinely immersive experience you need to sync the restaurant menu board or displays with each other. No matter how many displays you have, if you are trying to showcase one brand or one product, you should make sure that the display content is identical. In case the content is not in sync, you will have utter chaos in hand. Although each display will screen quality content, each one will fight the other for attention.

Influence your customers at the point of purchase

In any retail environment, you can use your digital signage to carry forward branding messages at the point of sale. It is indeed a powerful way to influence purchasing decisions customers make at the time of purchase. Most people love to see messages of reassurance from brands. When they have money, all they need is a little urging on to help them spend it on your product. All you need beside stellar content is a medium like digital signs to deliver them to your target customers at the point of purchase. That is why restaurant menu board inside the dining areas often boosts sales of popular dishes on the menu or the chef’s special of the day.

Bridge the gap in communication within your company

Many times, digital signage bridges the communication gap between different teams of employees. It is true for restaurant businesses, retail marketing, and advertising and media houses. When the office occupies several rooms across several floors, it is incredibly challenging to get a new bit of information across to everyone on all floors. Using digital signs to display the same message across rooms and floors can aid communication. It is much better than email, phone calls, and memos. They convey the messages in real-time, and they can indeed attract attention by using special fonts, display styles or sound. Emails and messages can hardly have the same level of impact.

Tell your story using display signage

Some organizations are taking digital signage and branding to another new level by using the out of home screens to tell their stories. Most importantly, green companies, who do not use paper and ink in their marketing endeavors, are gaining a lot from the wide-acceptance of digitization in marketing. If a business is old, it will have a sea of content. The idea is to use only the relevant content for brand promotions. Using a riveting style of presentation can capture the attention of thousands of malls, street crossings, subway stations and train stations. You need to make the content relevant, targeted and unique. Attracting attention of daily commuters may not be as easy as you surmise in the era of mobile phones and iPads.

The challenge and how to overcome it?

In all of these cases, the most common challenge is getting a continuous flow of data and high-quality content over a network. When your large media files have to go through the same network standard as your regular business information (like emails and messages), the connection is bound to be interrupted. It becomes further complicated in a retail environment, where the point of sale transactions eat up most of the bandwidth. Most retail outlets, restaurants, and big enterprises face the problem of seamless content streaming for the OOH advertisements.

There is one smart way to overcome this – the store and forward practice. A database in a local cloud usually stores the media files, and this database usually pushes the content out to local media players or local servers during light traffic hours. You can easily choose early morning or late night hours to drive all the content out to the local media player and just fire it up once people start coming in into your restaurant. It does involve a little bit of pre-planning. However, this comes with one huge advantage. Since most people prefer to use a WordPress database for storing their content, a single change reflects on all the screens. You will not have to edit the content individually for all the display signs. The changes also reflect in real-time. It is fantastic for correcting errors, updating product information and displaying new sales offers for the day.

Endnote: what makes a great display content?

The critical element to creating a mesmerizing and immersive brand experience is not a huge screen or an HD display. It is to opt for better content quality. Even smaller screens with high-quality content in sync perform better than large screens with fragmented content. Content is king anywhere you look. Therefore, before you embark on your journey of digital marketing leveraging a digital signage campaign, sit down with your communications team, marketing teams, and IT team to chalk out a sound brand content plan. Decide if you want to focus on a brand journey story or if you want to engage customers at the points of purchase with new and lucrative offers.

A customer needs to find all they need on a single screen, irrespective of where he is inside a store. You need to remind them of your best products, best selling products and offers before they get to sign out. Get the information on the screen, give them a way to take it with them on their mobile and tell them where to do with it! Branding holding the hands of digital signage is indeed as simple as that. marketing,Technology
Customers are becoming harder to please each day. Higher numbers of businesses are encouraging their customers to interact with their brands directly. It builds trust and fosters loyalty among the customers. It usually involves immersive experience with digital signs and touchscreens at the points of sales. No matter how...