You are 100 percent sure that SEO is effective and it really works but your boss does not agree with you and has no faith in SEO. You have to convince your boss of the intrinsic value of SEO and how it could boost your business.

Here are a few effective ways of conveying to your superiors and convincing them on diverting more resources toward organic search.

Start by Dispelling SEO Myths

It is quite common for business executives to entertain some misconceptions about SEO. You must address these issues first. Start by dispelling some of the most common SEO myths before your superiors start bringing up the topic. SEO is not intrinsically unethical or spammy kind of marketing. In reality, you would find that SEO strategies and ideas are really effective and successful if marketers follow all the relevant guidelines chalked out by the search engines.

You must point out clearly that Search Engine Optimization is all about marketing and it should be treated and presented as such. Sound SEO strategies are certainly not vulnerable to Google or such other search engines.

Serve Warnings about Getting Penalized

The crux of the matter is that most individuals would be paying more attention to threats than opportunities.It is better to initiate discussions with penalty warnings. Lack of SEO knowledge could lead to the collapse or downgrading of an e-commerce brand. This could occur because of the creation of duplicate content, payment for links, poor website security, using low-quality user-generated content that compromised the quality of the site content, and such similar mistakes that would surely be penalized. By simply warning your superiors about the dangers of paid links, duplicate content, and other such issues, you would be emphasizing and highlighting the values of implementing SEO knowledge to your marketing strategy.

Evaluationof Competitor Search Performance Made Possible

Nobody likes the idea of getting beaten by the competition. You are fully aware that it is certainly not possible to get an exact idea of the extent to which your competitor is getting benefitted by organic search traffic. However, you must not forget that there are still some effective ways of measuring and estimating it.

You could certainly use an effective tool such as SEMrush for estimating exactly how much traffic your competitor is gaining for specific keywords. It is also capable of estimating the actual financial value and implications of that traffic.

Moreover, you could determine obvious endeavors, like keyword use and link building for demonstrating that SEO knowledge is being used by your competitors for achieving these results. Get in touch with SEO experts like for professional SEO solutions.

Point Out & Explain the Side Benefits

Describing the side benefits of SEO could help. Most business professionals would be shying away from investing resources in SEO simply because SEO seems to be ruled entirely by search engines. Obviously, business executives would not like to divert funds and resources to business strategies that are dependent very much on external forces. It is, therefore, essential for you to demonstrate what the SEO processes actually look like.

  • Keyword research is nothing but market research.
  • Link building would be promoting brand awareness and bagging referral traffic.
  • Generating content for various search engines is essentially content marketing, relationship marketing, and list building.

The key is to focus on highlighting SEO’s cohesive value and its amazing advantages outside the search.


You must come up with a well-thought-out and rigorous plan. Use a really precise game plan explaining not just the SEO benefits but the exact resources you would be requiring and why. You must approach with a precise game plan with highly-specific objectives, required resources, tasks, and deliverables.  You must necessarily incorporate the requirements of your sales team in your game plan. Moreover, the best way of getting immediate attention and some action thereafter is to point out to the previous SEO mistakes and their adverse consequences. Keep track of organic search and attribute dips in search performance to precise SEO mistakes. Use the tips we have discussed in this article to convince your superiors about not only investing in SEO but developing faith in it too.

You are 100 percent sure that SEO is effective and it really works but your boss does not agree with you and has no faith in SEO. You have to convince your boss of the intrinsic value of SEO and how it could boost your business. Here are a few...